Battle of Yields | Liquidity, Farms, and Harvest.

Al Francis
4 min readSep 21, 2021

This blog post is a tutorial on how to add liquidity to receive LP tokens and use Farms to earn MEX in Maiar Exchange.

Our goal is to add a liquidity token of ELGD/MEX. I assume you have already login and swap the needed tokens.

Before we start everything, let's check our balance. Simply click the wallet address in the upper right corner.

You will see your balance in each token. Let's say that you already have an EGLD and MEX that are ready to add in Liquidity.



1 . Click the liquidity menu button

2. Then you will see the Liquidity page.

3. You will see My Liquidity, + Add Liquidity, and Active Pools

My Liquidity — This is your current liquidity pool, in your first use of MAIAR EXCHANGE this will be empty.

+Add Liquidity — This is where you add your liquidity and pair your tokens.

4. Let’s go and click Add Liquidity, you will see your balance in EGLD, BUSD, and MEX.

balanced in mex and egld

4. Now, we will put the value of EGLD and MEX.

Note: Make sure that the two tokens' balance are proportion in value, so in my case, I MAX out the MEX balance and it is automatically computed the EGLD.

5. Then click Add Liquidity

6. You will receive a confirmation. Check your phone for notifications.

maiar confirmation

7. In Adding Liquidity, we will wait to finish the 4 transactions needed.


8. Verify your Liquidity by checking My Liquidity

10. Now we have 0.98 EGLD-MEX ready to stake on Farms.


  1. Click the Farms menu button

2. You can stake MEX, stake EGLD-MEX LP Token and EGLD-BUSD LP Token. In my case, I can now stake EGLD-MEX referring to my previous activity.

Currently, I have 4.67 Staked LP and I will add 0.98, so I should have 5.66 LP after this transaction(please note this for later reference).

Just click the Stake button.

3. Now you can select the TOKEN, and click Stake.

4. You will receive a confirmation. Check your phone for notifications.

5. For Farm Stake you need to wait for two transactions to finish until you received final confirmation.

6. You will see your Total LP stake and currently earned MEX.

Earlier I have 4.67 STAKE LP, and now it is 5.66, my 0.98 LP token is already added.


  1. Currently, my MEX is 0.63

2. Let's harvest, Just go to Farms.

3. Just click Harvest All under MEX only.

harvest all

4. You will receive a confirmation if you want to harvest. Click Harvest All.


5. You will receive a confirmation. Check your phone for notifications.


6. Voila, Now MEX token is added to my wallet.

mex balance


I hope you guys will use this tutorial to earn more MEX once Maiar Exchange goes live. For more information follow these important links:



Al Francis

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